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Home energy experts in Bloomington, IL

Stop letting uncomfortable temperatures, drafty rooms, and high energy bills ruin your home. PCB Insulators is your trusted Dr. Energy Saver dealer offering specialized testing and home energy solutions that are sure to improve overall energy efficiency, comfort, and value.

To learn more about our home energy services, including home insulation installation, air sealing, and HVAC upgrades, click below to contact us online today. We offer free estimates in Bloomington, IL and nearby.

Home insulation and air sealing

Installing the right insulation in the places where it is most needed is a perfect way to improve home comfort, energy efficiency, and utility costs. But without the right testing, your home energy professional is just guessing.

At PCB Insulators, we provide energy audits and blower door testing, producing results that help us pinpoint the exact areas where your home is losing energy – this means we apply the perfect insulation upgrades every time.

Our home insulation services:

  • Attic insulation
  • Basement insulation
  • Air sealing services
  • Duct sealing & insulation
  • Spray foam insulation
  • Crawl space insulation & dehumidification
  • Wall & floor insulation
  • Garage insulation
  • Cellulose insulation
  • Radiant Barriers
  • And more!

Contact us online to schedule a free home insulation estimate. We offer home insulation services in Bloomington, IL and areas nearby.

Energy efficient heating and cooling upgrades

If your HVAC unit is more than 7 years old, constantly breaks down, and regularly underperforms, then these are all signs you need a new system. An old, inefficient heating and cooling unit will cause your energy bills to skyrocket and do little to help your uncomfortable home. With a new, energy efficient unit from PCB Insulators, we can improve your home's utility costs, energy efficiency, and comfort.

Our heating and cooling upgrades:

  • Forced-air heating
  • Ductless mini-split units
  • Central air conditioning
  • Gas heating
  • Electric heating
  • Evaporative air conditioning



Contact PCB Insulators online today to schedule a free heating and cooling installation estimate in Bloomington, IL today!

Home energy audits and blower door testing available

Want targeted home energy upgrades that are guaranteed to improve your home's energy efficiency, comfort, and utility costs? With energy audits and blower door testing from PCB Insulators, we can provide just that. Our energy testing produces results that show weak areas in your home's building envelope, which means we apply the perfect energy upgrades the first time, every time.

To schedule a home energy audit and blower door test, contact us online today. We proudly serve Bloomington, IL and areas nearby.

Expert home insulation, HVAC upgrades, and energy audits

PCB Insulators is your trusted home energy specialist, providing reliable home insulation, HVAC upgrades, air sealing, and more. Our solutions can improve your home's energy efficiency, comfort, and utility costs!

We offer free estimates on all of our services in Bloomington, IL. Click below to contact us online today!

Case Studies From Bloomington
The TKE House on the campus of IL Wesleyan University was experiencing humidity levels so high that the smoke detectors were being triggered often...
Job Stories From Bloomington, IL
Fixing Excessive Humidity and Mold in Attic in Bloomington, IL for Josh H

We were contacted by a homeowner in Bloomington who complained of “dead air” in his home, lack of air flow. 


Upon completing a free whole home health audit, we discovered his above-oven vent was being vented directly into his attic! We additionally discovered his attic was poorly sealed as well. 


Our solution was to first suck out all of the old, dirty, wind washed insulation so we could air seal around the kitchen vent and other gaps in the attic floor as well. Next we used Mold-X2 mold cleaner to get rid of the mold, then insulated around the chimney chaseway, and blew in new cellulose insulation.


Upon project completion, our client could feel the change in his house. His house had less air leakage, less heat loss, and is now more comfortable!


Is your home uncomfortable? #WeNeedToTalk! #WeFixUncomfortableHomes!

Fixing Excessive Humidity and Mold in Attic in Bloomington, IL for Josh H - Photo 1
Uncomfortable Room Over Garage and Uncomfortable Basement in Bloomington, IL

We were contacted by a Bloomington, IL teacher who moved into her 2 stories, 2 bedroom home and discovered rooms with wildly uneven temps: her front bedroom over her garage (F.R.O.G.) and in her family room. She told us that with her thermostat set on 70 the bedroom over the garage never got above 61 degrees, the family room being closer to 55 degrees! In addition to taking steps to increase the energy efficiency of her home while making her bedroom and other rooms upstairs more comfortable year-round, she also expressed a wish to make her basement warmer in the winter months too. How bad was it? She expressed to her PCB Insulators sales rep that she had to use space heaters throughout her house.

Following our Whole Home Health Audit, we discussed where she was losing conditioned air, the sources of her energy loss, and proposed solutions to fix her uncomfortable home that included the following: removal and disposal (something many insulation companies WON’T do) of the old insulation, sealing all of the leaks and gaps in the garage ceiling, then dense packing the ceiling with Tru Soft Cellulose insulation to create a thermal barrier between the garage (unconditioned space) and the room above (conditioned space). To make the whole upstairs more comfortable throughout the year we further suggested air sealing the gaps and leaks after we remove and dispose of the old insulation, followed by the encapsulated and air-sealing around the fireplace, the installation of a David Lewis scuttle cover (to create a seal for the attic access), air sealing around the can lights, extending the bath vent out to the gable end (to reduce possible mold growth in the attic), installing Silver Glo on the walls and floor of the attic followed by the insulation of Tru Soft cellulose insulation. For the basement, we recommended insulating the cantilevered floors between stories using SilverGlo in the soffit bays.


As you can see, our approach to your home’s comfort is a whole-home approach, not just specific to your attic needs.


When you want the job of making your WHOLE HOME comfortable and done right the first time, contact PCB Insulators, your whole home experts. We Fix Uncomfortable Homes!

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